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The Glue That Holds All of Our Projects Together

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Approach and Results

The glue that holds all of C&C's projects together is our approach to project management. We blend our day-to-day oversight and input with our hierarchial approach thus allowing for maximum benefit of our expertise while providing the appropriate level of cost-benefit to our customers.



Whether C&C is is the primary contractor or engaged simply for project oversight, our services are best-in-practice and time-proven. Our philosophy entails creation of a project team facilitated by our project managers. The team consists of customer designated representatives, architects, engineers, contractors, technical advisory members, and others deemed appropriate by the customer and respective project executive and manager. Frequent communications and dialogue are a natural byproduct and tool of this approach. Our practice is "no surprises". The ability to manage projects and anticipate delays and potential issues is a skill and discipline which is emphasized to all of our project managers.


Detail oversight


Day-to-day oversight by not only project managers but also project executives ensures quality compliance while also assuring project timetable attainment and resourcing. Our organization's ability to limit the amount of outsourcing also allows us to control the quality and deliverability of our services.

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